Please find the archived video recordings of the conference below. You can use the links to jump to the relevant sections.

  • Conference Introduction
  • Session 1a: Live music on the internet (Rosemary Lucy Hill and Molly Megson, Michelle Phillips and Amanda Krause, Erinne Paisley, chaired by Ellis Jones)
  • Session 1b: YouTube musicking practices (Varun Chandrasekhar, Joana Freitas, Sylvain Martet, chaired by Áine Mangaoang)
  • Session 2a: Internet music vs the state (Jiaxi Hou, Pablo Infante-Amate, Dina Farouk Abou Zeid, chaired by Holly Rogers)
  • Session 2b: Communities and subcultures (Henry Morgan, Jessica Blaise Ward, John Moore, chaired by Lucy March)
  • Session 3a: Producing for music distribution platforms (Riccardo Pronzato and Massimiliano Raffa, Claudia Lubao, Zachary Diaz, chaired by Danielle Sofer)
  • Session 3b: Alternatives to major music streaming platforms (Mick Vierbergen, Liz Pelly, Alexander Astruc, chaired by Emily Gale)
  • Session 4a: Creating, learning, and collaborating on music using internet technologies (Martin K. Koszolko, Nicola McAteer, chaired by Jiaxi Hou)
  • Session 4b: Spotify, genre, and data (Maurizio Corbella and Alessandro Gandini, Mads Krogh, Morgan Bimm, chaired by Alex Yiu)
  • Session 5a: Net-native music and nostalgia (Paula Harper, Lucy March, Anita Jóri, chaired by Melissa Avdeeff)
  • Session 5b: Hyperpop as culture and community (Karina Moritzen, Edward Katrak Spencer, Lucy Shababi, chaired by Marilou Polymeropoulou)
  • Session 6a: DIY, independent, and major label artists (Jabari Evans, Jasmine A. Henry, Paxton Haven, chaired by Edward Katrak Spencer)
  • Session 6b: Virality on music media platforms (Genevieve Allotey-Pappoe, Mike Levine, Gummo Clare, chaired by Paula Harper)

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Conference Introduction

Session 1a: Live music on the internet